Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

The Ferrari LaFerrari has got to be one of the most unimaginative names for a car. It’s a good thing that the La Ferrari doesn’t quite fit the mold of people with reduplicated names like Flavor Flav or jeebus-forbid Bernardo Bernardo. It does embody the Ferrari-ness of Ferraris.

Now, the flagship hypercar got a sexy top-down version in the LaFerrari Aperta. Powering the car is the combination of naturally aspirated 6.3L V12 engine and an electric that churns out a total 950 hp. That power allows the car to reach the same figures of the LaFerrari coupe: 0-62 mph in under 3 seconds and 217 mph top speed.

Convertibles usually get heavier because of structural reinforcements – a must if you take off the car’s roof. This usually makes convertibles perform a bit less than their roofed counterparts. But Ferrari’s gotten quite good at the whole engineering bit that we expect that the car should perform the same as the coupe.

The car comes with either a carbon fiber hard top or a fabric soft top. We just wonder if the fabric soft-top can take that top speed.