Swerving when Turning Late Illegal

Just a couple of days with the dashcam, and I’ve got plenty of examples for my peeves on the road. Check out this guy, cutting from the third lane from the left to make his U-turn. Granted that this guy might not be familiar with the area but it’s no excuse to cut through lanes to make the U-turn slot.

Even if you’re flashing your turn signal lights, turning abruptly is swerving. Sure, interpretations of what kind of swerving (which is technically not a violation) qualifies for reckless driving (which is a violation) can be made but this kind of behavior is just rude if not reckless.

Here’s the provision from DOTC Joint A.O. 2014-01 on marking turns:

32. Illegal turn – failure of the driver of a vehicle intending to turn to the left, to approach such intersection in the lane for traffic to the right of and nearest to the center line of the highway, and in, turning to pass to the left of the center of the intersection except upon highway laned for traffic and upon one-way highway

Be sure to signal at least 30 meters (100 feet in many driving manuals) before making your turn. (Funny how our own driving laws don’t even indicate the proper distance to flick on turn signals.) If you have to miss the turn, then take the next one rather than be rude and inconvenience others who are patiently waiting their turn.