Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Everyone seems to be jumping into the small SUV thing. While our concerns for compact crossovers are a bit different (think Ford Ecosport an Nissan Juke), more premium marquees are jumping in on it as well. Land Rover is reported to be planning the Range Rover Sport Coupe – a two-door SUV that’s supposed to compete with the likes of the BMW X4.

In the Land Rover model range, it’s going to be slotted in between the Evoque (pictured) and the Range Rover Sport. Though interestingly, the Evoque already has a 2-door variant.

No word yet on what’s going to power the sports car on stilts. The Evoque is currently powered by either a 2.0L gas and a 2.2L diesel. And given the whole electric thing going on, an electric or hybrid might just be an option.

Style-wise Land Rover’s model line up aren’t bad at all save for the weird backside of the LR4. The current design language makes them quite competitive in the days of aggressive styling.

Too bad the sheer prices of Range Rovers don’t make them accessible to Filipinos as they cost almost thrice your 4×2 variants of truck-based SUVs like the Montero and Fortuner. Plus, Range Rover’s dependability has been suspect for the past years.