There’s a viral video of a driver of a Hyundai EON getting into an altercation with a cyclist. The two go at it with fists. Moments after they seem to have calmed down, the driver got back at the cyclist and shot the poor guy repeatedly. A woman is also reported to have been hit by a stray bullet. The cheapest of shots. Fair warning, the video is graphic and tragic. News outfits have already picked the video up as well.


It’s both sad and maddening that people get killed over these things. Road rage is really a thing. But usually what sparks it for many Filipinos are just the me-first attitude and poor driving habits (and non-habits).Why can’t we resurrect the old tradition of bayanihan and think of everyone while we’re behind the wheel and on the road?


We’d have to say that these kinds of media (pictures and videos) have become common these days that it makes you just a tad more fearful of the level of violence on the roads. But it makes us a bit uncomfortable with how easy these things get posted and passed around.

There’s a reason why we don’t simply share things here or on our Facebook page. Drive.PH is really more of a hobby than a full-time endeavor on cars and motoring in the Philippines. Pretty much why we stick to our own opinions and get info from official press releases and other publications of repute.

These videos do serve as evidence for authorities to deal with the matter. For the public, it should serve as a reminder and warning about how we should all just be disciplined on the road and act like decent human beings to everyone.

Mistaken Identity

One of the more tragic fallout of this incident is the case of mistaken identity of the driver. Some netizens who tried to do their own CSI thing mistakenly identified some other poor EON driver as the culprit. And since most comments sections are septic and people click the share button without thinking, the guy got some pretty ugly threats from strangers.


The problem with social media. We’ve already aired our beef with the seeming lack of social media responsibility by certain outfits that we feel should exercise a tad more caution when dealing with these things. Rather,

So we fully agree with what James Deakin said on his Facebook status:


Bottom Line

Share the road. Keep your cool. Be disciplined on the road. Think before you click. And may the poor cyclist get the justice he deserves.