F1 2016 Bahrain GP

The battle in the 2016 Formula One season is heating up as the two Mercedes drivers clinch podium finishes yet again in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Nico Rosberg took first place again while teammate Lewis Hamilton settles for third after squandering his pole position due to a bad start.

Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen finished strong at second place despite starting from 4th on the grid. Scuderia teammate Sebastien Vettel retired due to engine failure leaving fans disappointed of what could’ve been a heated duel between the Mercedes and Ferrari.

American team Haas looks like a dark horse in this season with Romain Grosjean securing points yet again at fifth place in Bahrain.

The season is shaping up to be a nice duel between two teams (Mercedes and Ferrari)  though the story of the season would most likely be the two Mercedes drivers.

Rosberg always had to play second fiddle to the former champion teammate. His consecutive wins stretching from last season makes a good argument on who’s the top dog in Mercedes now.


  1. Rosberg
  2. Raikkonen
  3. Hamilton
  4. Ricciardo
  5. Grosjean
  6. Verstappen
  7. Kvyat
  8. Massa
  9. Bottas
  10. Vandoorne
  11. Magnussen
  12. Ericsson
  13. Wehrlein
  14. Nasr
  15. Hulkenberg
  16. Perez
  17. Haryanto
  18. Sainz Jr (R)
  19. Gutierrez (R)
  20. Button (R)
  21. Vettel (R)
  22. Palmer (R)