McLaren P1

Car and tech sites have been quite abuzz with initial reports that Apple and McLaren are in talks for the tech giant’s purchase of the supercar maker. Apple is said to make a billion-dollar bid for a stake in the UK-based automaker. McLaren was quick to refute the claim and Apple refuses to comment on the matter.

The lines between tech and car are getting blurred. Google has been making strides in driverless vehicles. Electric-vehicle manufacturer Tesla is as much a tech company as it is a car company. With the rumored bid, Apple seems to be going the Tesla route and concentrate on making EVs as well.McLaren has already babbled in hybrid technology in the P1 and it is planning on making a pure EV.

While we’re Ferrari fankids this side of the track, we do appreciate what McLaren has done. They are no slouch when it comes to creating performance vehicles and would hate the idea that the maker of overpriced and underwhelming tech products would own the iconic McLaren badge. Yup. We ain’t no Apple fankids and McLaren ain’t no Beats either.