2016 Toyota Innova

Despite its bland look and AUV designation, the Toyota Innova continues to be a popular vehicle of choice for Filipino families. It’s spacious, seats plenty and the base model can still be owned for less than PhP 1M.

Here’s the price list for the updated 2016 Toyota Innova from Toyota Philippines:

  • Innova J Gasoline MT – PhP 919,000
  • Innova J Diesel MT – PhP 1,021,000
  • Innova E Gasoline MT – PhP 1,040,000
  • Innova E Gasoline AT – PhP 1,120,000
  • Innova E Diesel MT – PhP 1,142,000
  • Innova E Diesel AT – PhP 1,222,000
  • Innova G Gasoline AT – PhP 1,232,000
  • Innova G Gasoline AT (White Pearl) – PhP 1,247,000
  • Innova G Diesel MT – PhP 1,269,000
  • Innova G Diesel MT (White Pearl) – PhP 1,284,000
  • Innova G Diesel AT – P1,349,000
  • Innova G Diesel AT (White Pearl) – PhP 1,364,000
  • Innova V Diesel AT – PhP 1,445,000
  • Innova V Diesel AT (White Pearl) – PhP 1,460,000

Powering the 2016 Innova are choices of a 2.0L gasoline engine and the 2.8L turbodiesel that normally powers the Fortuner and the Hilux. Disappointingly though, the diesel in the Innova is detuned to just dish out 169 hp.

The range-topping model is priced at PhP 1,460,000 – that’s SUV money already. So it seems that you might have a dilemma choosing between an Innova, a Hilux and a Fortuner. Toyota, however, had this covered by bumping the price tag on the new Fortuner a bit with the only overlap being with the Innova G AT and V variants with the Fortuner G. Well, that’s marketing for you.

The price tags on the lower Innova J variant remain attractive for price-conscious buyers but if you want a more stylish ride without the boring family veneer, you can even buy a Honda CR-V or Subaru XV for that price tag of the Innova G and V variants.