2016 Toyota Fortuner

With the truck-based SUV market in ruthless competition these days, Toyota could only hope that they can continue to slug it out with the 2016 Toyota Fortuner.

Thanks to the traffic and floods on Philippine roads, the demand for taller vehicles is quite high. Compound that with the prevailing notion that “bigger is safer,” SUVs are quite the must-own for the Filipino middle class motorist.

The 2016 Fortuner joins the party a bit late with Isuzu came out with the MU-X late last year. Chevrolet had the Trailblazer. Ford had the new Everest. And, despite all the sudden unintended acceleration hoopla, Mitsubishi has the new Montero Sport out as well.

The lineup features smaller engines compared to the 3.0L and 2.5L engines of the outgoing model but the new lineup delivers more power. On paper, it finds itself a bit outmatched in power and features compared to the likes of the Trailblazer and Everest.

But Toyota will be Toyota which means they have their brand equity for reliability and parts availability so expect the Fortuner to continue to sell despite a bit of price bump.


  • 2.4G Diesel MT – PhP 1,386,000
  • 2.7G Gasoline AT – PhP 1,392,000
  • 2.4G Diesel AT – PhP 1,476,000
  • 2.4V Diesel AT – PhP 1,736,000
  • 2.4V Diesel AT white – PhP earl – PhP 1,751,000


  • 2.8V Diesel AT – PhP 2,126,000
  • 2.8V Diesel AT white – PhP earl – PhP 2,141,000