2016 Honda Civic Sedan Touring

One of Honda’s local dealers might have just released pricing details on the 10th-generation 2016 Honda Civic which usually indicates that the car might soon be seen on our streets.

The 2016 Civic is an all-new creation which follows the updated design language that’s seen in the Honda’s new releases like the Mobilio and HR-V.

The Civic has seen dismal sales and Honda probably hopes that the updated styling (with the longer hood and sweeping fastback rear) will give it more pogi points to a style-discerning market.

A “leaked” digital flyer shows that the Civic will be available in two variants – the range-topping 1.5L RS Turbo (priced at PhP 1.3M) and the base 1.8L E model (priced at PhP 1.1M).

If those prices are to be believed then it will sit at a price point that slots it somewhere above the Toyota Corolla Altis and nearly around the lower-specced Camry. It’d be interesting to see how this actually plays out in the market.

Honda models have always held a bit of a price premium compared to their Japanese rivals. Honda loyals have always acknowledged that the badge, car quality, and exclusivity were enough to justify price.

Honda has been accepting reservations for the Civic through its dealers.

Source: Autoindustria