Toyota’s upcoming RWD coupe is already slated to be sold under the Scion sub-brand in the United States but its designation for other markets are yet to be finalized.

This leaves a chance for it to get the Celica name for the European and Japanese markets. The Celica has been the name for Toyota’s sports coupe though the old AE86 has become a street racing icon for its drifting capability.

The FT-86 is co-developed by Subaru and Toyota and is considered as a resurrection of the AE86/Corolla GT/Corolla Levin/Trueno Sprinter made famous by Initial D anime.

The car is powered by a flat-four boxer engine from Subaru. In the Toyota, the engine is tuned to dish out around 200 bhp.

Up until now, Toyota engineers are still fiddling with the car. It’s expected to appear in its full-production glory come the Tokyo motor show later this year.