Seems like it’s a Hyundai day today with all the news concerning them. I sort of experienced buyer’s anxiety when I purchased my i10 a few months before the updated version came out. Had I not need the car right then, I would’ve held out until I got a bigger budget to spend on a bigger and faster car. Still, I’m satisfied with my car and since it’s the first brand new car I own, I love it.

I’m just amazed at the deluge of new vehicles coming out recently. It seems like the world never experienced a recession. Hyundai just wowed us when they came out with the more aggressive- (and what my female colleague calls “pogi”) looking Tucson. Now, we’re seeing the same design language applied to the latest releases like the updated i10, the Sonata, and the new Accent.

Aside from the updated Accent sedan, Hyundai also showcased the new Accent hatchback. No exact details on the powerhouse or trim yet but the one for the US market gets a 1.6L engine. Accent sedans sold locally come either with a 1.4L or 1.6L unit. It’s rumored to be made available here before the end of 2011.

While the car looks great and can give hatches like the Ford Fiesta or even the Focus and the Mazda3 a run for their money, I’m not sure it’d have the performance to match. Hyundai’s build quality and styling has become decent recently, but I’m still not fully sold with their performance. The engines are starting to get decent but Hyundai does lack some serious racing pedigree.