Thank goodness the government has embraced the use of technology. Okay, so we can forget about the technological shortcomings of the MMDA. Let’s give them a bit (only a bit) of slack. Their updates on Twitter and Facebook come as very nice non-fascist people relations unlike the MMDA of the previous administration.

Here’s their post on alternative routes to flood-prone areas in Metro Manila:

ZONE 1 ( Sampaloc, Espana cor. Antipolo)

From Manila – Quezon City

  1. Right to (gov. Forbes) K.H. Lacson or Vicente Cruz St.
  2. Left to S.H. Loyola St. or G. Tuazon St.
  3. Then Matimyas or Bayani St. and E. Rodriguqez Avenue

From Quezon City – Manila

  1. Right to Mayon St. or Blumentritt St.
  2. Left at P. Florentino St. or Dapitan St.
  3. Left at A.H. Lacson or M. Dela Fuente
  4. Right at Espana Blvd.

ZONE 2 (Talayan, E. Rodriguez, Araneta Avenue)

From E. Rodriguez Avenue – EDSA going to Manila

  1. E. Rodriguez right to Tomas Morato
  2. Left to Roces Avenue
  3. Right to Quezon Avenue, take U-turn near Capitol Hospital
  4. Right to Roosevelt Avenue going to Manila

From E. Rodriguez Avenue – San Juan

  1. E. Rodriguez left to Gilmore St
  2. Right to Aurora Blvd. Avenue, going to San Juan

From Welcome Rotonda – EDSA or Elliptical Road

  1. Take E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue
  2. Left to Banawe St., right to Quezon Avenue going to EDSA or Elliptical Road

ZONE 3 (Buendia)

Vehicles from Manila passing thru South Super Highway going South, use Quirino Avenue, turn left at Roxas Blvd., then left turn at EDSA Exit, right turn at Lapu-lapu St. Magallanes and left  turn at Magallanes Avenue then right turn at South Luzon Expressway to Destination.

Vehicles from South passing thru South Superhighway Magallanes North Bound going to Manila, right turn at c5, then left turn at Kalyaan Avenue, right turn at Lawton Avenue, then left turn at J.P. Rizal to destination.

Vehicles from Pasay Passing thru Buendia Ave., use EDSA then left turn at Ayala Avenue to destination.

ZONE 4 (Maysilo)


  1. Makati Ave. Bridge right turn to Coronado St, Right turn to rev.G. Aglipay St. to Boni Ave. turn right to kalentong then left to Sevilla Bridge Going to Manila
  2. Estrella Bridge left turn to Panteleon, right turn to Coronado St, RIGHT TURN TO REV. g. Aglipay St. to Boni Avenue turn right to Kalentong then left to sevilla bridge going to Manila.


  1. Makati Ave. bridge turn left to Coronado, left turn to Panteleon, left turn to Barangka Drive, left turn to San Rafael right turn to F. Martinez across Gomezville to Hoover St. Going to San Juan.
  2. Estrella Bridge right turn to Barangka drive, left turn to San Rafael right turn to F. Martinez across Gomezville to Hoover St. Going to San Juan.


  1. F. Blementrit turn left to Haig, rigt turn to aba. Bernardo St., Left turn to Shaw Blvd. right turn to Pinagtipunan St. right turn to Poblador right turn to F. Ortigas left to P. Cruz to Rev. G. Aglipay left to Coronado then left to Makati Bridge.
  2. P. Guevarra turn left to Luna Mecias turn right to shaw blvd. left to 9 De pebrero going to F. Martinez then left to San Rafael right to Barangka drive left to Estrella Bridge going to Makati.


  1. Boni Ave. right turn to Barangka Drive left to San Rafael right to Boni Ave. right to P. Cruz left to F. Ortigas right to T. Bernardo to I. lopez right to Boni Ave right to kalentong left to Sevilla bridge going to Manila vice versa.
  2. Boni Ave. left to Barangka drive right to Panteleon right to Coronado right to rev. Aglipay left to Boni right to kalentong left Sevilla bridge going to Manila vice versa.


  1. Shaw blvd right to Gomezville going to Hoover left to Haig St. Across F. Blumentrit going to Sevilla Bridge to Manila.


  1. Sevilla bridge to shaw  blvd. left to Lawton right to Haig going to P. Guevarra  right to M.H. Del Pillar left to Lee ST. Right to laurel St. left to Shaw Blvd to Pasig.

ZONE 5 (Plaza Dilao)

(No need for an alternative route-  passable)

ZONE 6 (C5/Eagle)

From Quezon City to Pasig City and Makati City (South Bound)

C5 right turn Ortigas Avenue., left turn Rodriguez/Lanuza to destination

From Makati City/Pasig City to Quezon City (North Bound)

C5 U-turn slot left to Julia Vargas Ave. right turn Rodriguez/Lanuza, right turn/left turn to Ortigas Ave. to destination


From Sucat Going to Baclaran

Turn left to Canaynay then CAA Turn right to Naga road then turn right to Quirino Ave. take Kabihasnan to Coastal or Mia Road. to Coastal.

From Baclaran going to Sucat from Quirino Ave. Turn  left to Naga then left  Canaynay then turn right to Sucat road

ZONE 8 (Commonwealth)

(No need for an alternative route-  passable)

Source: MMDA on Facebook
Image Source: Netzkobolod