Jaguar to change naming convention

Jaguar’s set to change how it names its cars. Quite honestly, I’m not a huge Jag fan so I don’t know how Jag really names their car and I don’t think I’d be bothered. But for those of you who are curious, here’s how Jag names their cars.

Anyway, whatever their naming convention is, Jag plans to follow a more logical alpha-numeric hierarchy. This is in light of the buzz being created for the C-X75 that Jag is building to take the fight to the Bugatti Veyron.

The C-X75 is being built to do 205 mph but how and in what department exactly it intends to beat the Veyron has yet to be seen. The last superfast supercar that Jag made was the XJ220 that was capable of 220 mph.

The C-X75 is still a project code for the car though Jag officials are toying with the idea of naming the car XJ330 with 330 corresponding to 205 mph in kilometers.

Author: Alex

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