I’m not really hot  for Hyundai despite owning one. It took me quite a while to reframe my mind not to think of  Hyundai as a builder of crap cars. The new design language (especially the new Tucson, Sonata, and Accent) does help a bit but I think they’re just oversaturating the market with their new releases.

Meet the new i40 that’s set to be sold quite soon. The i40 is specifically built for the European market though who knows if Hyundai will be sneaking some in. They did have a few i20 units sold at dealerships and the Veloster did make it as well. No word yet on which variants would hit Philippine soil (if they ever will since the i40 is supposed to be the Sonata replacement and they’re selling that already) but elsewhere, saloon and wagon/estate models would be made available.

The car has three trim levels (for the European market) and has two engines in the lineup – a 1.6L GDI Blue Drive and a 1.7L CRDi with two levels of tune (113 bhp and 134 bhp). Standard feature include 16-inch alloys, Bluetooth, and LED indicators while premium options include satnav, rear parking sensors and camera, leather seats, a panoramic roof and keyless entry.

Who knows? They might rebadge them as Sonatas and make the estate model available.