Roads We Hate: Marcos Highway (Katipunan to Sumulong)

I don’t even pass by this road on a daily basis but I hate it as hell particularly the stretch of road from stretching from Marikina to Masinag in Lower Antipolo.

Traffic is truly horrendous concern. Choke points include the Santolan LRT station, E. Amang Rodriguez  intersection, Robinson’s and Sta. Lucia mall fronts, and the Masinag intersection. And there’s not much in terms of side streets that you can take to evade the choke points.

With the ongoing “road widening” construction and Manila Water digs currently going on, it’s hell to be on whether you’re a motorist or a commuter. The asphalt is just knackered that any speed above 30 kph and your car’s suspensions will be shot to crap.

Oh sure. The government would say the the inconvenience is temporary and that everyone will get to enjoy nicely paved and wide roads once this is all done. But what about the time that was taken away from us? And the damage to our precious vehicles? It’s not like the government will pay us back for all of those?

So yeah. Marcos Highway from Marikina to Sumulong – truly a stretch of road we hate.

UPDATE: So the construction’s finished and the road’s paved and smooth. It should be a joy to drive on but the not-so-optimal locations of U-turn slots and the perpetual choke point that is the Santolan LRT station still makes this a road to hate. Still, a drive on a Sunday morning can be a treat and should allow you to put the hammer down at least for a few stretches.

Author: Alex

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