House passes lemon bill

This comes as a welcome news to anyone who’s into buying brand new motor vehicles. A bit of sad news for the likes of us who are suffering from new car pains before this comes into law. But dealerships are probably livid with this.

House Bill No. 4841 or An Act Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Purchase of Brand New Motor Vehicles or the Lemon Law of 2011 just passed the third and final reading in the House of Representatives.

The HB aims to protect buyer’s rights of buyers of brand new vehicles from defects. If passed into law, buyers will have the right to demand a replacement “with a similar or comparable motor vehicle” if the first vehicle is found to have a factory defect. A return would also be an option with refund for the purchase price plus collateral charges.

Now we’d have more incentive to actually buy brand new. I hope this gets extended to things such as return windows for pre-owned buyers though I’m pretty sure that would need some well-researched provisions.

It’s too bad there’s little chance for this to be retroactive. The rattles and quirks of my little hatch that won’t has now become intolerable.

Author: Alex

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