Commonwealth Avenue voices out

Lawyer and law professor Ted Te wrote this piece (writing as Commonwealth Avenue) titled “Highways don’t kill, people do” and it’s trending quite well on Facebook.

Atty. Te makes some great proposals: impounding buses, suspending licenses, making buses run on time, reviewing bus franchises, locating bus and cab stops away from malls, and firing incompetent people from the government. Pretty rational stuff but why expect anything less than the guy’s credentials.

I agree with most of what Atty. Te proposes only I think that highways can also kill people. Probably not the case of Commonwealth Avenue since it’s mostly properly paved, wide and flat in most places. A road like Kennon Road, for example. Now that by itself, is a highway can kill.

“Speed doesn’t kill. It’s suddenly stopping that gets you,” to paraphrase our motoring savior on Earth, JC (as in Jeremy Clarkson).

Image Credit: KarlCRocket in Wikicommons

Author: Alex

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