Hardcore Nissan Juke confirmed

A few months ago, Nissan hinted that it will be building a hardcore Nissan Juke with a GT-R-based concept.  I’m not too sure if the Juke has ever landed on our shores but I haven’t seen one and I haven’t seen a press release from Nissan Philippines about it. Anyway, the Juke’s a mini crossover that Nissan primarily markets in the US.

Nissan thinks of  making the 480 bhp Juke monster a reality by doing a one-off production following very positive feedback on the concept. Dubbed the Juke R, the car will be fitted with a 3.8L twin-turbo V6 from the flagship GT-R and will be mated to a modified six-speed transmission  that will be sending power to all four wheels.

Nissan’s just intent on seeing how the Juke’s sportiness would match up to the wickedness of the . The Juke is currently offered with paltry 1.6L gasoline NA and turbo units and a 1.5 diesel.

It would be interesting to see how the chassis would cope the immense power of the V6. Hope this doesn’t end up in twisted metal.


Nissan pays Juke owners for spec error

Nissan Juke owners in the United States should be pretty happy to find checks amounting $400 written to their names. It’s Nissan’s act of contrition for mixing up the specs for the Juke’s fuel tank.

The all-wheel drive version really has a 11.8 gallon tank but marketing materials indicate that all Jukes have 13.2 gallon fuel tanks. This is only true for the front-wheel drive version.

So that’s basically a different of 1.4 gallons. Not really much and most driver wouldn’t really mind the difference but Nissan just did the right thing and own up to their mistake and give their buyers a nice break.

$400 is more than a deal for the 1.4 gallon difference between claimed and actual specifications. We could all just hope that others follow Nissan’s noble example.

Here, you can probably forget about it. Warranty claims are a real joke most of the time. If you find something wrong with your brand new car, the dealership would use all of its might to blame you for it. Lemon law anyone?

Oh how I wish dealers and automakers would do the same thing here. Automotive sales is a cut-throat business that most dealers would say almost anything just to get you to sign the dotted line and drive off their lot with a car in tow.

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