Toyota GT 86 priced

Finally, after years and a plenty of name changes, the hachiroku revival – the Toyota GT 86 – has finally been priced and ready for sale. At least in the UK.

The rear-wheel drive car with limited slip differential will start at £24,995 – well above the £15,000 price tag  many were hoping the car to have. That’s around Php 1.68M.

Order books have already been opened in the UK though the final specifications have yet to be formalized by Toyota. What’s definite for now is that it will feature a 197-bhp 2.0L boxer engine with choices between a six-speed manual and automatic transmission. It’s layout promises to be a whole lot of fun for the powersliding addicts.

Top speed is 155 mph – around 250 kph – and a sprint time of 0 to 100 kph in 7.0 seconds. Not the speediest of small coupes but this thing wasn’t really built for straight line speeds but for fun around the corners. Can’t wait to see a Top Gear test.

No word yet if Toyota will be shipping some stocks here but given that we already have Priuses in Toyota showrooms. And with the price, people who will be able to afford it can definitely special order.

Update:  The car’s available in three variants: the basic 2.0L MT priced at Php 1,550,000 the AT version at Php 1,650,000, and the Aero variant that packs the body kit and leather seats sits at Php 1,875,000 according to Toyota Philippines.

High-performance Toyota GT 86 planned

Toyota has finally launched the much-anticipated AE86 replacement in the GT 86 coupe. This comes as a very exciting thing indeed since the release of the standard version creates the opportunity for souped up version to come out.

Toyota Racing Developments (TRD) has already been reported to have gotten hold of the GT 86 and is planning to pump up the car. The plan is to compete with other sports coupe in the market like the Nissan 370Z.

Chief engineer Testuo Tada already indicated that the tuned version will get more power and is keen on keeping the fun drive of the rear-wheel drive car. The GT 86 was designed to keep the powersliding spirit of the old AE86.

An additional 50 hp to the car’s 197 hp output will have it match the 326-hp Nissan but the GT 86’s light weight should keep it in the power-to-weight ratio of the 370Z.

Tada wants a supercharger stuck to the 2.0 flat four so as not to affect throttle response. The GT 86 has a sibling in the form of the Subaru model that features four-wheel drive.

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