KTM X-Bow Black Edition

KTM X-Bow Black Edition

There are a slew of cars that we can only hope would be available locally like these lightweight track-focused cars like the KTM X-Bow and the Ariel Atom. We haven’t had much hope for the Atom but we do have KTM bikes here. We’d love to see the base model X-Bow. Better yet, limited runs like the X-Bow Black Edition.

The Black Edition further increases the power-to-weight ratio by featuring an all-carbon fiber body coated only by a thin layer of matte lacquer. The underfloor is also swapped with carbon fiber and it’s got forged racing wheels to round up its diet.

The Audi 2.0L turbo four-banger has been tuned to dish out 316 bhp to the rear-wheels. The transmission has also been swapped for a quick-shifting manual.

The combination of lightweightedness and power pegs the 0 to 100 KPH time for the X-Bow Black to be around three seconds – around facemelting hypercar territory.

Author: Alex

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