EDSA No Traffic Holiday

So what really causes traffic along the time space warp that is EDSA? Buses? Taxis? Private cars? Aliens? Gremlins? It’s simple. People. People causes traffic jams along EDSA.

If you want to fix the perpetual problem, then we have to fix people. Sure we can all propose regulations like overhaul of the mass transport system, strictly enforce traffic laws, ban private vehicles, ban public vehicles, but it seems all we need is a nonworking holiday and road closures to get people off the streets.

We drove down EDSA yesterday and can’t believe this was EDSA in broad daylight. Save for the stretches where the roads are closed for People Power anniversary programs, traffic was very light and even pedestrians were scant. Perhaps the prospect of the road closures and C5 turning into a parking lot really prompted people to just stay at home.

I guess first one on the list is really to lessen the number of people who neeed to use roads. Decongest Metro Manila.

Author: Alex

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