Ferrari LaFerrari unveiled


The day has finally come when hybrid supercars are deemed fashionable. It’s not only McLaren who’s gone hybrid in their supercar, Ferrari (who has hinted on hybrids for a few years now) has finally committed to the technology with the Ferrari LaFerrari flagship.

The car – codenamed F150 – boasts a 6.3L V12 that works in tandem with a pair of electric motors in a HY-KERS hybrid setup. One of the electric motors sits atop the gearbox sending power to the rear wheels and the other powers all the auxiliary devices to take the load off the V12. Total power generated by the system is clocked at a massive 950 hp and torque is at 660 lb-ft.

That much juice gives the LaFerrari the ability to go from 0 to 100 kph in just under 3 seconds and go all the way to 349.2 kph (217 mph). Speculation has it that it can probably go beyond that, perhaps in an effort to shame its fierce competitor – the McLaren P1. Both supercar makers have been at it since the 458 and the MP4-12C.

Aside from the hybrid system, Ferrari equipped the car with a new carbon fiber monocoque that gives the car more rigidity for better handling. The body also sports aerodynamic panels that flex and bend depending on the speed to better channel the air around and over the car.

Around the Fiorano test track, the LaFerrari clocks a 1:20 lap time – that’s 5.0 quicker than the old flagship – the Enzo. ¬†Only 499 cars will be produced.

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