The most practical move as far as fuel efficiency is concerned isn’t really going electric. Shifting from fuel that only needs minutes to refill to something that takes hours to recharge is a step back in motoring.

If you want a car that can go more kilometers at less cost than sweet sweet gasoline, then diesel’s your best bet. Never mind if diesel engines has that tak-tak-tak engine noise.

While diesels used to be found mostly in bigger vehicles (SUVs and trucks), the diesel engine has found its way back into cars. And they get awesome mileage figures. I thought it was funny to see those diesel Hyundai Accents a while back but upon knowing that they get awesome Km/L figures, I wasn’t laughing anymore.

Anyway, here’s Suzuki announcing that they have decided to feed the fuel of Satan to the Suzuki Swift. The small car now gets a variant with a 1.3L DDiS engine.

The diesel unit gets 74 bhp thanks to a turbo and allows the car to get 67.3 miles to the gallon – that’s around 23.82 kilometers to the liter. No word yet if Suzuki will be shipping diesel variants locally.