My speedometer is broken

At least that might be according to the MMDA

I still don’t get how the MMDA properly enforces the 60 kph speed limit along Commonwealth Avenue. They have this no-contact and contact policy in place that you just wouldn’t know if you’ve erred or not.

Not until you get a love letter from MMDA asking you to pay fines or when you renew your license or registration and you find out that you have a flag in the system for some (phantom) violation. Now I’m sitting on my hands waiting for either to happen.

Just this morning, I passed by Commonwealth coming from a fruitless visit to the Hyundai casa (that’s another story). Now, I always keep track of my speed wherever I drive. I try to make sure that I keep within 60 kph not because of damned speed limits but because of my paranoia with the noises created by my i10.

I was going at around 60 kph (with the speedo needle smack dab on the 60 line) just as I passed by UP University Avenue. I then noticed that there was an MMDA radar gun team positioned atop the TechnoHub pedestrian overpass huddled underneath that makeshift tent.

For good measure, I dabbed on the brakes to bring my speed lower to around 55 kph. Now, what puzzled me was the gesture one of the officers gave me as I neared them as if they were telling me “Huli ka!”

Was I apprehended or not? I wasn’t chased down by their motorcycle squad so I hope I wasn’t. But that’s just wishful thinking.

I see no reason to be flagged travelling at 60kph but I just hate the fact that they gave me that gesture. Semiotics sucks. Now I’ll just wait for the mailed ticket or the violation to appear on their system.

I mean, how can anyone trust the accuracy of devices that one of the top officers even admitted that they don’t work well at night. ┬áStill, either my speedometer’s broken or their radar guns are.

Author: Alex

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