MMDA head denies Nova bus ties

The case involving the crash that killed UP professor Chit Simbulan has garnered much coverage. So they’ve already got the Universal Driving Star driver Daniel Espinosa into custody, now the latest twist is that Espinosa claims that the Nova bus (the other vehicle involved in the collision) is at fault.

To add to the twist is that Espinosa’s counsel insinuated that MMDA chief Francis Tolentino was protecting the Nova bus company. Tolentino denies this though.

Other details that surfaced was that there were supposedly two CCTV cameras monitoring the scene but both were busted during the night of the incident. But had they been working, they wouldn’t have captured the scene since, according to Tolentino, a tree was blocking the view.

I’d have to say, I’m quite familiar with the notoriety of Nova buses along Commonwealth. Many times, I’ve been nearly clipped by their drivers who drive like maniacs on fire. And a tree blocking the CCTV? My goodness. I don’t even that “excuse” merits a snappy insult.

I’m liking the effort being put in to put roads into order but we could just hope that the government tries to resolve for each and every collision that results to injury and death with this much energy and resource regardless of who’s involved. My greatest beef with the government regarding this is that officials only seem to do something if a big name becomes a victim. No disrespect to Prof. Simbulan, of course.

Source: ABS-CBN News
Image Credit: MMDA

Author: Alex

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  1. Nova liner 068
    Yes 157

    Dapat di na pinapabyahe d marunong mgdrive
    Makakapatay ipit ng ibang kotse shel sa pakaliwa kanan basta2 ng drivrer..

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