MMDA can’t handle Facebook page trolls?

I know the MMDA has got a whole social network department whose job is to take car of its Facebook and Twitter accounts. In fact, I believe they have a lawyer managing it.

While, I just think the MMDA failed to learn and apply one of the key online skills – handling trolls. Whoever’s managing is probably an online amateur – someone who hasn’t gone through the days of mailing list mayhem and when blogging was in its snarky phase.

Just check out the MMDA Facebook page and see how the MMDA addresses the irate masses. You can actually feel the gritted teeth of the page’s admin/s.

I have one Facebook friend who got blocked from the page for being the noisy critical one and I’m absolutely sure his points are valid. So MMDA, why so pikon?

The most laugh I get from the administrator’s comments is the “walang kawala” crap. Who is this guy/are these guys trying to kid? I don’t want apprehension statistics. I want to see impounded vehicles and revoked licenses.

Let me give it to you straight, MMDA. You probably now see what Pandora’s box you’ve opened by creating a Facebook page. Instantly, you’ve made yourself into a social networking pariah.

Sure we are seeing improvements (to be fair), but the MMDA (and the whole government, for that matter) is ever so troll-worthy. Let me just put it straight – an improvement doesn’t mean you’re actually doing well.

And improving is pretty easy to do especially since the absolute shit job that the previous MMDA administrations have done was pretty easy to beat. Not exactly a definitive benchmark for you to be proud of whatever you’re doing now.

Trying to do you job is different from doing your job. Doing your job is different from doing your job well.

Author: Alex

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