Men with sports cars not hubby material?

Just yesterday, a friend and I passed by a Hummer H2. The handsome blokes that we are, we laughed heartily at the ugly guy behind the wheel. Then my friend quipped about how many more chicks would he have scored if he drove a Hummer. Well, sure. My pal sure has some disturbing manyak streak but I wasn’t quite sure if the car would have anything to do with it.

To some extent, I doubt if the proper ladies are even particular about the car you drive. Many don’t even know squat about car brands and motoring for that matter for it to make you a tad more handsome than you already are (or aren’t).

To be fair, probably to some extent there can be some real chance you get some decent vag-per-badge ratio depending on the car you drive. Especially for the callow types and there are plenty of floozies out there. For the common Pinoy, owning a car already awards you decent deal of pogi points. What more if you drive an expensive and rare car.

So maybe it’s time to break the bank and get yourself a low-slung sports car to up your ante with the chicks. You’d sure look like a moneyed cock behind the wheel worthy of Richard Gutierrez and Willie Revillame. (Funny how the conventional nickname for Richard, “Dick,” and “Willie” are slang for penis.)

But if you’re looking for a wife, this bit from BBC says that men who drive sports cars aren’t really marriage material. For the British perhaps – where the common man and maidens consider Ferraris and Lamborghinis to be vulgar. But not on this side of the world. Anyone who can afford to buy and drive a sports car is marriage material – especially for the money-grubbing type.

Author: Alex

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