Mazda to end US ties with Ford

For a long time, Mazda has been working with Ford. The partnership has brought about some pretty interesting picks for the market like in the case of the shared platform for the Mazda3 and the Ford Focus.

Now, it seems like Mazda would be ending its ties with the US automaker starting with the AutoAlliance International plant – a manufacturing facility in which Mazda and Ford share a 50-50 partnership.

Mazda will be stopping is production of models in the US and will sell its stakes in the plant to Ford. Mazda will continue to build for-US models in its Mexico and Japan plants.

The AAI plant in Flat Rock, Michigan is currently equipped to build the Mazda6 sedan and the Ford Mustang. This might be bad news to some of the plant’s 1,700 workers.

It’d be interesting how things actually play out for these two. In the Philippines, Ford has created a solid dealership and model base even offering the Focus and the Fiesta. A while back, Ford initially penetrated the local market with the Lynx ¬†which was essentially a re-badged 323.

Author: Alex

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