Fifth Gear Series 19 Episode 5

Spoiler alert! Here’s a recap of the fifth episode of the 19th series of the second stringer British motoring show – Fifth Gear. In this episode, Fifth Gear (care of Tiff and Jonny) will be competing in a hill climb race with Ariel Atom V8. Other cars in review are the Audi A7 Sportback, Lotus Evora S, the Porsche 911, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Hill Climb Challenge with Ariel Atom V8

This segment goes with classic British tradition of hill climb racing (a timed run uphill). Tiff and Jonny race using the new face-melting Ariel Atom V8. Nothing like seeing a “newbie” like Jonny racing with a savage car like the Atom V8. The projected good time’s 36 seconds. Jonny’s run’s a 33.89. Not bad for a pasty lanky bloke.  As for Tiff, he clocks 32.56, beating the class record. Not bad for the old man.

Audi A7 Sportback Team Test

Segment pools the presenters to check out a car with various takes.

  • Vicki’s Take: “I really like how the Audi looks. It’s big. It’s quite low, wide, sleek, aerodynamic.” Score: 8
  • Jonny’s Take: “Look at it. It’s got the circus elephant sat on the back of the saloon.” Score: 7
  • Tiff’s Take: “The best thing for me is that fantastic tailgate.” Score: 7.5
  • Jason’s Score: 8

Shootout: Lotus Evora S vs. Porsche 911 Carrera S

Vicki takes the cars to the  Assen TT circuit to test the cars head-to-head. The Porsche clocks 2:07.9 for a flying lap while the Evora does it in 2:07.5. So around the track, the Evora S takes the victory.

Ferrari World

To close out the show, Jason and Tiff visits the Ferrari World theme park. Seems like it’s a real mecca for Ferrari fans. Visitors can ride simulators used to train F1 drivers, tour a miniature Italy in miniature Ferraris, check out rare Ferraris, and ride the world’s fastest roller coaster.

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