Ferrari Enzo replacement gets V12 power

With Ferrari seemingly focusing on getting the most out of a V8, the car assures fans that the upcoming replacement for the flagship Ferrari Enzo will pack a V12  gasoline engine that will be mounted in the middle unlike the current V12 which sits in the front. The most recent flagships have always featured mid-mounted V12s.

Purists would probably scoff at the idea that the new car will also employ hybrid technology. I, for one, would find it hilarious since I stand by the idea that supercars like a flagship Ferrari should be built with the idea that it will produce a tear in space-time and destroy the world. Though a benefit of the doubt seems warranted since that hybrid tech would most likely come from their experience with KERS in Formula One.

Unlike rival McLaren which has taken the carbon-fiber monocoque route for many of its production models, Ferrari will be sticking to aluminum builds for the 458 and more mass-production models. The new flagship, however, will feature a carbon-fiber chassis. The final design is expected to incorporate elements from the FXX and the Millechili concept.

Author: Alex

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